Healing Sea is produced by bringing together pure Dead Sea Salt from Israel and sustainably harvested wild Welsh seaweed from the purest locations. Natural essential oil of Eucalyptus is added and the seaweed is treated to retain its healing properties and included as flakes into the bath salts. The product is free from any additives and is completely organic and natural.  

Our Bath Salts are particularly popular with patients suffering skin conditions with many patients finding relief and significant improvements for the first time, particularly when also receiving acupuncture treatment.

These products are hand made and take a significant time to produce in small batches and were originally only available to order for patients at the Hoole Acupuncture Clinic who would benefit from natural skin treatment baths as part of their treatment.

However the popularity and effectiveness in both relaxation and treating skin conditions with some patients seeing the thick red scales of skin fade away for the first time has led me to offer the treatment more widely following patient referrals and interested online customers. Please note however that stocks are limited and seasonal so please be patient. XL Pots are available as single pots or double.

£ 5.99 

XL (280g) Free Postage (UK Mainland)


Please text me at07906 812995 to confirm your paypal purchase This will help make sure your purchase is correct and arrives much sooner. International deliveries are offered subject to postage costs. With thanks Moime.   

2 XL Pack (2x 280g)

£ 11.50 

Pack of 2 including postage.



Please text me at 07906 812996 to confirm your paypal purchase. This will make sure your purchase is correct and arrives much sooner. With thanks Moime.